Alabama has once again been hit with devastating tornadoes.  This time it is not as widespread throughout the south, although it did cover quite a bit of Alabama once again.  With April 27th still fresh on everyone’s mind, everyone took the tornado warnings very seriously and took shelter.

Please keep in mind that the damage is mostly to residential, some of which are VERY low income and elderly communities. This is not a federal disaster therefore the funds are just not there.

Over the past 10 months we have had the pleasure of working closely with another organization in feeding 1000s of people. is an awesome organization who will be setting up in the city of Clay in order to cook for those affected by the January 23rd Tornadoes.  We need your help in supporting them!

Please contact us if you can assist with any of these. We are also looking for monetary donations to help with further expenses. Call 256.429.9254 or email. Thank you so much!


“We have confirmed and dedicated our volunteers and equipment to set up and provide hot meals for Clay/Chalkville. The City officials requested us to help manage mass feeding for long term needs of their area. We have only limited start up supplies as we were not fully recovered from 2011 storms where we fe d over 36,000 meals. We need the support of our Christian brothers and sisters to manage what they have asked of us. We are asking for operating funds to buy cooking and travel gas as an immediate and most urgent need. I will have a more detailed material list after Saturday. We intend to obey what God h as shown as His will. We know if it is His will, we will be part of this relief effort.”

The immediate need is:
Any type chicken – boneless if possible.
*If you pay more than a dollar/pound they can get it for a dollar/pound at the site.

hamburger meat
mixed vegetable cans
soup stock
commercial beef stew bag


We need help with preparation and serving the volunteers and tornado victims THIS SATURDAY!

Serve time is from 12-1:30, although preparations will start at 8:00.  Location below!

Clayridge Baptist Church
6712 Old Springville Road, Clay, AL


Keep Up The Holiday Spirit, Even After The Holidays! had the honor and blessing to deliver hundreds of gifts to hundreds of families throughout North Alabama.  While doing so, we traveled back into areas that were extremely hard hit.  It seems that there are still a great deal of areas that are in great need.

Our point in saying this is, we are going into yet another season of tornadoes.  We certainly don’t hope for or anticipate anything close to the devastation we experienced on April 27th, but we still have so much to do to help those affected by the April 27th tornadoes.  We plan on going into other disasters but this is our home and we need to be sure to not forget.

As we went through Hackleburg, we saw that some of our families that were in FEMA trailers, were not longer in FEMA trailers, they had been taken away.  We need to find out why, what happened to 18 months and what the families plan to do now.  We also have families here that are still struggling to recover. is in need of volunteers.  We need people with compassion, time and dedication.  We are not asking for a great deal of time just what you can give.  We are growing and plan to continue to do so but we can only do that is with your help.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please email or call 256.429.9254.  We look forward to working with you!

Thank You To All Our Grassroots Volunteers!

Thank You To All The Grassroots Volunteers Who Supported! from on Vimeo.

This is our little thank you to all the Grassroots Volunteers who supported us, helped us, spread the word about us, donated to us, and volunteered with us!

Thank You To All The Grassroots Volunteers Who Supported! from on Vimeo.