Is Expanding and Growing! partners with local organizations in each location to build and rehabilitate our communities hit by disasters. Over time our goal is to develop 5 fleets strategically positioned within a 500 mile radius of Huntsville, Alabama. Appropriate technologies are crucial for providing sustainable solutions.

We cannot do this without those who support us!  Please take time to share what we are doing!  There is so much power in word of mouth and social media.

Below are the steps we have taken to start.

To Start.

We make connections. We network. We build relationships in other communities.


We start to build one First Response Disaster Relief Fleet.

Bobcat T750 – $63,900


The Bobcat T750, will allow our fleets to go into disasters and clear roadways, debris and make it possible for public emergency response crews (medical, police, fire fighters, utility crews) to focus on the emergencies they are trained for.

This is the work horse of each fleet. Having two T750 will allow us to get the work done quickly and more efficiently.

Ford F350 – $46,372


The Ford F350 is a 4×4 crew cab with an 8 foot box able to carry volunteer crews and tools into disaster area.

Flatbed Trailer – $3,849


The flatbed trailers will carry the Bobcat T750 loaders. These heavy-duty trailers will assure the safe arrival of necessary equipment for helping others.

Enclosed Trailer – $5500


With an enclosed trailer we will be able to carry the necessary tools and gear for disaster relief such as chainsaws, shovels and rakes.

The Enclosed Trailer would also carry the following:

2 STIHL Magnum 1138 (28” bar) $1759.90
4 STIHL 1140 series (18” bar) $1339.90
Climbing Gear
2 Deluxe Spur Climbing Kit $1318.00
In Addition: Tarps, Shovels, Rakes, Miscellanious tools useful for responding to a disaster.

70Ft Bucket Truck – $100,000


With the 70 foot bucket truck on each fleet, we will be able to go into disaster areas and surgically remove the trees leaning, limbs still attached and hanging from trees. We will be able to help more people and possibly save more lives!

70Ft Crane Truck – $100,000


The 70 ft crane truck on each fleet will allow us to lift objects as heavy as 70 tons so that we can clear debris from roads and land affected.

5th Wheel trailer – $45,820


One of our biggest issues is accommodating volunteers in disaster areas they are unfamiliar with or do not have their own equipment on hand. As a remedy for future disaster response, we can have the necessary tools for our volunteers on location.

10,000Sq/Ft Building and Land – $80,000


With the purchase of heavy machinery we will need the building and land to store the equipment. This building will need to be at least 5000sq/ft and up to 10000 sq/ft. There will be a need for 10+ acres for the option of dumping, recycling and burning.


Our future goal is to have 5 working fleets, strategically located in 4 places
within the 500 mile radius, to store the fleets in order to save fuel costs and work more
efficiently. Ongoing we will use the equipment for preventative measures to lessen the
impact of future disasters.


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